The Princess of Wales Pub, 22 Chalcot Road, Camden, NW1 8LL

UKBGF Rated , Swiss Tournaments with Prizes

Next Evening, Monday,  June 25th 

and thereafter every final Monday of each month, 

Swiss Tournaments from 18:30 pm

Camden Auction at 19:00 pm.

at The Princess of Wales Pub

the UKBGF will be supporting Backgammon London in providing a

Rated evening

for all forms of playes - from beginners, to the more advanced among you.

The £20 Swiss, will now be 7 points and the £10 Swiss will be 5 points.

The Camden Auction will be 7 point matches, with the option of a 9 point final.

As ever, the entry levels will range from free to beginners, to £10 and £20 among the intermediates, upto a likely £50 or £75 ( 7 point ) Swiss for the brave hearted.

A "Camden Auction" will be available if the players request.

Please remember to bring a board, and parking is free outside from 18.30pm if you drive.