Home of the London High Roller , The 11 Point Swiss & The Camden Monthly (7 Point) Event - all with prizes, all UKBGF Rated !

All Matches UKBGF Rated !

Welcome to Backgammon London - replacing the soon to be refurbished Hippodrome.

Supported by The UKBGF , now exists Three new regular backgammon tournaments;



1. The inaugural, and only,

11 Point  "Regular Swiss" -

At the Hampstead Britannia Hotel

guaranteeing 3 Rated matches, with the usual £10, £20 and £50 entry points.

Camden Auction, if by demand.

First Event now open for Registration

- Sunday, November 11th.


2. The all new,

11 point "London High Roller" - 

At the Hampstead Britannia Hotel

with fixed entry points and optional buy-ins.

First event confirmed

Sunday, September 30th.


3.  And last, but by no means least, a regular new Monday evening event from 18:30 pm

A regular Monthly Evening in Camden 


Monday 26th November


Now all matches are 7 points


at the recently refurbished Princess of Wales Pub, in the salubrious surroundings of Primrose Hill.

This will follow the same format as the Hippodrome, with Swiss events for the usual £10 & £20 stakes, plus a free tournament for any beginners -


while also offering a


"Camden Auction" , 7 point tournament


for the "higher rollers" among you.